ASENSI joins IMEI and Krista Exhibitions for their third Indonesia Licensing Expo 2023

A popular method of starting and owning one’s own company in Indonesia is through business licensing.  Defined as a business arrangement, licensing is typically used by companies that cannot meet the franchise criteria or those who would prefer to keep a low-profile as an unregistered business franchise. Although it is a relatively newly established term, licensing has been revolutionizing business but it is still an idea that has not become recognized yet.

Hence this year, the Association of Indonesian Licensing (ASENSI) together with International Multi Expo Indonesia (IMEI) and Krista Exhibitions are delighted to stage the third Indonesia Licensing Expo (ILE), which will be held in three cities at once in Surabaya, Denpasar and Jakarta, coinciding with 2023, the year of branding.

The Trade Ministry reports that Indonesia’s license and franchise businesses employ 600,000 workers. The number of licensing businesses has increased due to the increasing number of new micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). This sector provides popular food and beverages, retail and services.

During the launch in Jakarta on Wednesday, representing the executive general director of domestic trade Agus Purwanto said he hoped that the local brands will increase the spirit of entrepreneurship and become an opportunity for the revival of Indonesian brands and products, including domestic franchisees, “especially during the current transitional period out of the pandemic,” said Agus.

CEO of IMEI and Krista Exhibitions Daud D Salim told the press conference how licensing served as a crucial springboard for Indonesia’s future progress, flourishing from the domestic market to global brands.

Daud explained how the exhibition was a “multi-industry exhibition because it will be attended by various companies from a wide range of fields,” including the futuristic transformation toward technology, as well as the biggest exhibition to be held at Expo Kemayoran, culminating in a road show in the three venues.

In addition, representing the chairman of ASENSI was Susany Widjaya who expanded on Daud’s remarks. She pointed out how crucial it is to develop local brands and products until they become market leaders in Indonesia.

Susany praised the optimism regarding the success of the exhibition rising to an international scale, as it involves a number of countries that can be used to promote Indonesian products in the licensing and franchising industry.

Daud believes the licensing business in Indonesia will increase compared with previous years and that the exhibition will present itself as a benchmark and means of education regarding the scope of licensing and franchising businesses, as financial literacy is the language of the future.

The speakers also expressed their highest appreciation to all the stakeholders who have maintained a strong partnership with the government. It is their sincere hope that their collaboration with the government and the business world will lead to success in the future.

With the slogan “Let’s RISE UP together, together we RISE UP”, ASENSI is an organizational forum that accommodates Indonesian entrepreneurs. ASENSI expects to connect brands with the leading, longest and largest international licenses through the third ILE 2023.

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